Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Into the forest

I am now wandering into unchartered territory in my life. Today I overslept and when I woke I did not know what day it was what I should be doing or what was going on. The only thing I knew is that some awful weight had been lifted from me and I finally was able to give myself permission not to jump out of bed and push myself into a day of chaos. So now I wonder what to do jump out of bed , go back to sleep , or just do some of the jobs I have been putting off ,
I think it is finally time to accept that I have an illness , many people have this , many people function with it by careful management. I have wanted to be back to normal but it has been so long I don't know what that is. Time I think to take the day minute by minute again. I have been setting goals for myself to reach before I can take time to rest and just getting worse. I learnt a great lesson yesterday . I have been trying to work out if it is genuine fatigue or depression . I was advised to ask the question do I feel better after a rest . If the answer is yes it is fatigue if no then more likely to be depression. I have thoughts of jobs not done at work . Things other people want me to do but I just want to take it easy and relax , is it avoidance or is it just time for me to say look everyone enough is enough I just need some time out so that I can face you all again and be well enough to keep going. This is the bit where I need guidance , where I need someone to say hey Jane it's ok you will find your way again . When you enter a new phase a new forest it can be hard to stay on the right path . Hopefully I will find my way and get back in the groove :-) 

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