Wednesday, 18 January 2012

reasons to be cheerful part 4

I generally find it easy to rest but recently due to the efforts of coffee and sugar and children who wont do homework /go to school I am perhaps not getting enough rest.  I set out a load of markers for myself, things to do when I get over stimulated and cant switch off.  I have bookmarked a load of sites on meditation, places to go, things to do, calming art etc.  I work up this morning thinking that a full 7 hours of uninterrupted sleep and a quite mind is something I can only look forward to in the future and realised just how flawed my thinking is.

 Its time for the more calming things in life, red bush tea not coffee, a proper breakfast, reduced sugar intake, early morning walks, early bedtime, cleaning the house instead of painting it a 10 o clock at night, etc.

I had a very mad thought about spending Saturday night at a buddist retreat as I had a night free from the children, that will help me relax I thought.  JUST HOW CRAZY IS THAT.  It would be less tiring to have a retreat at home, no travel, no pet minding arrangements needed just rest and relaxation.  I had a dream last night that I went there but forgot to make arrangements to have the dog minded( we don't have a dog yet btw)  and I spent most of the retreat imagining what happened to the dog.  Thank God I learned how to work with my dreams and my subconscious is still looking after me.  SO this morning a nice cup of non caffeinated tea and a healthy breakfast and a long list of reasons to be cheerful, probably part 4 for me I think I am entering a new phase in my recovery now and I cant wait to see what wonderful things the universe brings me this time.

so today why not make your own list of reasons to be cheerful.  the lyrics for ian drurys  list are here : reasons to be cheerful part 3,   

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