Sunday, 5 May 2013

freedom from

who made the rules and why did I not get a copy.

Freedom comes in many parts.  As part of my therapy I was reminded that freedom is one of the four needs, freedom fun love and power.  Freedom from and freedom to.  Freedom from judgement, freedom from fear, freedom to do as i please, freedom to think for myself.

I freed myself from my need for approval and yet feel upset when judged.  Clearly I am not fully free.  I need to remind myself that I am living my life for myself.  

So I asked myself the question who made the rules and why did I not get a copy.  I make my own rules and as long as I am ok with myself and my actions then I am ok.  I did have a long think about why I was so fuzzy today and realised it was because I felt unfairly judged.  I live by my own values and not by the values of others, it is only when I am true to my own values that I am be authentic, that I am truly myself.  My discomfot was not in the judgement but in the moment when I nearly abandoned myself.  I caught myself just in time. Well done me.

I am enough as I am.


  1. Hang in there, Jane. Each day is a gift. BTW, nice to hear The Seekers once again.

  2. thanks vicki, every day really is a gift, and yes the seekers are so great , they always remind me of childhood summers chasing grasshoppers and picking daisies in the grass , hope all well with you