Friday, 19 April 2013

Less is more

I have been overdoing it.  Over thinking getting caught up in other people's stuff and forgetting the importance of minding myself.  I have had family visiting and my ex husband staying for a few days.  i feel like i need to be alone. So for a few days I have given in to the tiredness, the headache  the nausea for acid reflux, the pins and aches of life, my sore painful ankle, the dizzy spells, i could go on and on.  I went to a meeting last night on life skills and although I thought i knew it all I was reminded that we need to look after the basics for life to keep on the straight and narrow.  No point in getting the Nobel prize if you drop dead the day after.  the most important message is change your thinking or your behaviour to improve your life.  Fairly obvious stuff but how often do we need the obvious pointed out to us.  So today I decided to look at the basics that are missing in my life, unpaid bills, messy bedrooms, dust, and I realised I have been neglecting my home caring, and blaming others for the mess.

I am the adult there and its time I behaved like one.  I set the standards and if I slip it is hard to except the children to catch up.  They are after all only children. I often feel over burdened by responsibility and yet I keep taking on more.  Its time to go back to basics and realise that keeping busy in itself is not enough to have a fulfilling life.  its time to do less. Less is more 

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