Sunday, 27 January 2013

It's so simple

They say the simple explanations are the best, and they, whoever they are, are usually right. Yesterday I learned that the simple explanation for feeling exhausted was exhaustion, the explanation for feeling tired was tiredness and yes you guessed it the simple explanation for feeling stressed was stress. I visited the homeopath yesterday mostly because I recommended her to everyone who mentioned an ailment to me. I realised long ago when I say to people you should do that I am really directing the advice to myself. So I unwound and realised that I have not been pacing myself very well, I have given in to the flattery of being told how capable I am and have taken on too much again.   I did make the space for some me time today and realised that I need a two day break doing nothing other than lazing in bed reading , swimming and eating.  I was thinking how I cannot afford that when I realised that I live in a town with 3 swimming pools to choose from all within cycling or walking distance, a town with two book shops plus numerous second hand ones, a town within driving range of Michelin star restaurants . I don't have to go very far to get the simple pleasures in life. I think it is the fact that I spend time on the necessary stuff like washing cooking cleaning that makes it difficult for me to take  a real rest at weekends. I am in need of a recharge. Simple explanation is that I have not allowed myself to treat myself well. I realised that I feel like everyone wants something from me and I don't want to give anymore. So how to reframe this? I need to actively choose what I do. I will turn off those voices I hear telling me I should and I must and why don't you...... I have worked hard to get myself back on track. I have changed my attitude, learned tools to help myself and I think I did well. I am proud of myself. I endorse myself for my efforts. Everything around me is changing very rapidly. I love change I choose but transitions and uncertainty  challenge me. Time to do the basics that keep me well , taping, blogging, aromatherapy, sleep , vegetable soup, and hugging my family and playing with the dog. Above all I need to practise self compassion and forgive myself my short comings. When I am ready to be fully present again I will be. A little hibernation is good for the soul. No idea what the point of today's post is but I suppose not everything needs a meaning. Happy Sunday sweet dreams. Give yourself a big hug and tell yourself just how much you love you . X x x x all you lovely creatures in blogger land

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