Thursday, 24 January 2013

Give your inner child a cuddle

Sometimes I forget to be kind to myself, I forget how to show myself I care. This week my hopes and expectations were dashed and I was disappointed when that happened.  I have Ben feeling unsettled and realised that I had a lot of pent up pentupness in need of release.  I have felt like going  for a swim for about a week but denied myself that, today it was go for a swim or shoot the kids so being the good mother that I am I went for a swim and sauna. Instinctively we all know what we need to make ourselves feel better. My inner child is 6 and after my swim she was very much better. She cannot understand why the grown ups fight and sometimes laugh at her so she just stays quiet and tried to make herself invisible, her favourite place is under the water where they cannot find her. It is quiet and warm and she is free from everything. One day she will move on and maybe grow up a little more. She is happy tonight and is cuddled up with me all happy . It is months now since she needed to hide under the desk.  I did quite a lot of work on my inner child and when she appears to me I work to sooth her.
I suppose such visualisations help me label my feelings and help me connect with what it is keeps me in the child's place.  I forgot to listen to my inner child for so long. Time to let her have a voice I think. Good night everyone in blogger land. Happy Thursday . 

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