Tuesday, 13 December 2011

grumpyness and other things

If there was a world championship for grumpiness I would have won it over the last few days.  Bah humbug and other assorted moans.  I did not go out last weekend.  I just wanted to dig a hole, line it with nice cosy things like rabbits fur, straw and maybe some moss and hibernate for the rest of the year.  so what to do, well the usual I suppose, what has worked before.  Today it as EFT.  amazingly after 10 minutes of tapping I was free of the stress and felling well enough to make arrangements to go out this weekend.  Well done me.  

So roll on christmas, today we bought the tree, maybe I should be less grinchlike and put it up and decorate it, not sure how much longer I can stay grumpy in the face of tinsel, baubels, and christmas cake.

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