Monday, 20 February 2012

oh happy day

Earlier this evening I was about to start a post about how the day turned out to be quite pleasant when there was a bit of family drama.  You never know what is about to happen when you have children.  

Over the course of the last few hours I came to realise how important it is to take change of my own life, to do what I think is the right thing and to trust my instincts.  Being an adult is about taking responsibility for my own actions, to do the right thing, and above all trust myself to know whats best for me.  For me being in charge of my own life is all about trusting myself and my own judgement.  Today was a good day for me despite the crisis earlier, despite the complexity of work, despite the HUGE electricity bill that greeted me when I got home, despite all the things I have started to remember that perhaps I was not ready to remember.  It was a good day because I did my best and faced up to my responsibilities.  I had forgotten the feeling of doing the right thing.  Its good.  It is also good to recognise that uncomfortable feeling when I know I am doing the wrong thing for me or doing something that I do know is just plain wrong.  For many years I think that right and wrong were forgotten about and the world became all about perception, about money and status.  It is nice for me to be back to normal again and able to trust myself to do what is right for me.  As the old saying goes, sense does not come before age. 

So today trust your instincts, when that little voice inside you says are you sure you want to do that? take heed of it.

Happy Monday and I hope to see out the rest of this week free of crisis and drama. 

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