Friday, 17 February 2012

never say never

Am back to blogging again.  The last two months I have been getting used to a new job and I gave it alot of my energy.  I have started new job or projects many times over my life and I am sure that will be the case for as long as I live.  This time it is different.   I was really nervous and dreading it and thought it would either be too hard or too boring.  We hear so often that we create our own reality, and we certainly can.  I am now self aware and very aware of my environment and of others.  I can communicate well.  My self confidence is good. I have self worth and I am learning to value myself more each day.

I have learned a wonderful new lesson about how I still try to please others and still am inclined to put them first.  I thought there were no more lessons for me but never say never.  I want my self worth  and contentment to come from within and now that I see how much I still put others first I can change .


  1. Love the Bob Marley video, one of my fav songs.

  2. Just wanted to say hi and tell you I'm still out here - reading your posts...even if I don't always comment. I SO relate to putting everyone else first! Ugh! I don't know HOW to change that...I've been doing it all my life and was trained by my Mom that it was selfish to ever think of myself first. Old tapes are hard to rewrite! Hugs.

  3. thanks girls, think i might be on here for a while again :-)

  4. I'm so happy for your comment and to have rediscovered this lovely blog. Makes me wanna keep blogging.

    The fourth anniversary of TPS will be next week or so and so it is still limping along.